Dynamic growth, language acquisition, intellectual and social skills develop rapidly during the early toddler years.

Our Montessori school offers a classroom with a stimulating and nurturing environment where young children experience their first social contact with other children. Interacting with the prepared environment, children develop and enhance their motor coordination, independence, and language skills.

A. In accordance with Maria Montessori’s observations, at this age children seek to do activities on their own and are most interested in small objects. Toys and objects that facilitate sensory learning are within your child’s reach.

B. Developmentally, your child is now sitting and standing and walking independently and this new freedom of movement is addressed with activities that allow your child to discover objects, bang things together, put things in and take things out of containers.

C. Activities such as peeling bananas, stringing beads, counting and naming introduce your child to the early foundations of Montessori learning.

Through this program, children progressively achieve their developmental milestones in emotional, physical, social, linguistic and cognitive skills. Respect and encouragement is given to each child’s emerging personalities. Toddler classrooms and outdoor play facilities are carefully designed for ‘learning through discovery’ and provide opportunities for play and exploration. 

The first three years of a child’s life characterizes one of the most important stages of life in human development. 

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