Much of your baby’s energy early on will go toward building gross motor ability, as he learns to hold up his head, roll over, push up off the ground, sit up, stand, walk, climb, etc. Successful development in this area sets the stage for strength and coordination later in life, which are necessary to enjoy sports, dance, or daily life recreational activities.

For babies to fully learn to do all these things, they must have time, space, and freedom to move, so that they can practice each individual step along the way. When you first visit a Montessori infant room, you’ll probably notice that there are no playpens, no jumpers, no walkers, and no high chairs—nothing that restricts your baby’s movement.

Lakewood Montessori Infant Care Nursery

• Log your baby’s feeding, sleeping, diapering, and learning activities

• Provide a biannual assessment of your baby using developmental checklists

• Interact with infants through games, stories, songs etc.

• Allow infants tummy and floor time

• Allow infants outdoor time (if weather allows)

• Gloves worn at all times and excessive hand washing is routine

• Sanitize highchairs and changing tables after each use

• Remove infants from cribs if they are not sleeping

 “All that we ourselves are has been made by the child we were in the first two years of our lives.” ~Maria Montessori

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