"I simply do not have the words to express my gratitude for Lakewood Montessori. My son, William, is a Type I diabetic. The staff at Lakewood Montessori has worked diligently to undertake his complicated care. I am so grateful. In addition to their willingness to assist with William’s special health care needs, the educational experience has been fantastic. I am simply blown away by the skills my son has acquired at Lakewood Montessori. He is reading, writing, and comprehending well above a “pre-kindergarten” or “kindergarten” level. Again, I simply do not have the superlatives to describe our experience on all fronts. Thank you Lakewood Montessori!!!"  -Angela S.


 "My son has been enrolled at Lakewood Montessori for almost a year now and I cannot express how grateful I am to have found this school. My son has a speech delay and I decided to take him out of speech therapy and let him go to school for 5 days out of the week. He has made drastic improvements in not only his speech but he is more social than I ever thought possible. He is so happy going to school each day and is excited to bring home projects that he makes. The teachers are very knowledgeable and caring and are always there if you need to speak with them. The staff is friendly and professional and I would recommend this school to everyone with a child. I am so happy we found this school because my son has grown so much academically, emotionally, and socially."  - Jessica B.

Excellent experience!

 "My daughter had an excellent experience at LMS. She was there for 3 full years and I strongly believe LMS is the reason she has excelled in elementary school" - Jeff M.


 "Lakewood Montessori, I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who actively participate in my son's educational and social development! Prior to our enrollment in the school, my little 5 year old was very aggressive and active but also quite apprehensive and just not too sure about the whole premise of the “school” environment. He had some very difficult times at his previous daycare that even made a great effort to serve his cognitive skill level by advancing him to the Pre-K class level (age 5 – 6) when he was only 4. He had the intelligence but for some reason, really struggled with transition time from subject to subject. His frustration and anxiety level rose so high that he resorted to fights and fits! Our family became so distraught and discouraged that we simply began to lose our hope as well. Then, a friend suggested Lakewood Montessori, stating that the dynamic of the school and the loving patience and careful guidance of the teachers would definitely fit into my Little 5’s needs just as it had for her little 3. We visited, and immediately, my 5 clung to his teacher feeling nothing but love and acceptance from the 1st day! Yes, the first few weeks were rough due to my sons previous experiences (fits, screaming and fear), but Lakewood provided him the individual attention he needed and showed him the proper coping skills he needed for success and now….WOW! Only 4 1/2 months later, by Little 5 is READING FULL SENTENCES, and sounding out company names and street signs all along the road, when only a few months ago he walked into Lakewood not even knowing how to recognize his entire alphabet!!!! He’s doing SUBTRACTION, learning SPANISH, and he even told me the NAMES AND TYPES of planets our solar system consists of!!!! I could write for HOURS about just how WONDERFUL you all have been in helping to develop my son! THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN LAKEWOOD!" -Heather B.


 "My son, Michael, has only been at LMS for a few months, but absolutely loves it! It’s obvious that the staff cares deeply for the students. He has learned a great deal in a short time, and I am very thankful to have found such a wonderful environment for my son."  -Todd S.


 "My son just started with your school on the 2nd of May this year and I can say that we are very pleased with it. We love the environment and the teachers and staff are always eager to help and take care of the children. It is always nice to hear them say, "HELLO _________", by their first name. Definitely a second family type environment."  -Heather F.


 "My 5 year old son started at Lakewood Montessori in October. The staff there is wonderful. I have never been to a facility where the teachers are that caring. My son has started exhibiting some behavioral issues, such as fighting and hitting, which I, of course, am working on. Rather than dismiss him as a “problem-child” this school has worked with him and tried to help him. This means more to me than I can possibly convey in a comment. Their commitment to working with children of all types is unparalleled. As a single mother whose entire world is my child, it puts me at ease to know he is at a place where the staff cares and will work with him with whatever issues he may have. The staff at LMS recognizes that no child is the same as another and they work with them based on their intelligence, behavior and personality. I have been to three Montessori schools since my son was born and this is the only one that I would whole-heartedly recommend due to their complete commitment to the children that go there. They have worked with my son so much on his issues as well as tried to give him enough work to do to keep his very intelligent mind busy. It will be hard to move on from such a wonderful place in the fall. No child should ever feel like there is “something wrong with them” or they are “bad”, and this school works so hard to build the children’s self-esteem. I am so grateful that they have worked so hard with my son. He is a great, very intelligent kid who loves it there; he just sometimes has an issue with touching/hitting/etc. The Director has especially done a wonderful job and genuinely loves all of the children. They communicate issues so that parents can work on them. It is a wonderful school with wonderful staff and I can’t think of a better place to send a child – they do not label them or pigeon-hole them into a specific category. They let each child be themselves and work with them accordingly. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to put their child in daycare, preschool or Private Kindergarten." -Andrea T.  

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