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Nurturing children's mind from 6 weeks to 6 years old

Kids Toddler

At Lakewood Montessori, we strive to ensure that your child is able to expand their mind and interests to their utmost capabilities. They are welcome to choose Montessori work, do art and crafts, participate in music and movement programs, science, geography, manipulation, and blocks activities. If you want your child to participate in these extracurricular activities, please contact our main office. These activities are open to children who are not enrolled in the full day program.

Before and After School Programs

Summer Program

Lakewood Montessori's education programs continue through the summer. Our Summer Program offers children the opportunity to continue investigations undertaken during the academic year, and also partake in informal play.


Your child will spend part of their day working with Montessori materials, but the remainder will be composed of activities like drama, arts and crafts, gardening, geography, cooking, and a number of other fun options.

Lakewood Montessori Infant Care Nursery

• Log your baby’s feeding, sleeping, diapering, and learning activities

• Provide a biannual assessment of your baby using developmental checklists

• Interact with infants through games, stories, songs etc.

• Allow infants a fair amount of tummy and floor time

• Allow infants outdoor time (if weather allows)

• Gloves worn at all times and excessive hand washing is routine

• Sanitize highchairs and changing tables after each use

• Remove infants from cribs if they are not sleeping

At Lakewood Montessori, we believe that each infant should be nurtured and cared for individually. From 6 weeks to 18 months of age, our Lakewood Montessori II Infant Care Nursery will care for your child and give them the attention they deserve. Our trained staff will:

Lakewood Montessori

From 18 months to 3 years of age, engage your toddler with interesting activities and lay the groundwork for future education. At Lakewood Montessori, we offer much more than supervision. Some of the activities we offer are:

• Washing hands and face

• Matching and sorting

• Brushing teeth

• Playground equipment

• Potty training

• Climbing and balancing

• Blowing nose

• Stacking blocks

• Dressing

• Learning colors

• Feeding self

• Puzzles

• Helping with cooking

• Stairs

• Cutting bread, apples etc.

• Books

• Carrying items on a tray

• Singing

• Washing dishes

• Matching fabric textures

Lakewood Montessori Preschool

Our preschool lessons stick with students for life. Not only will we help your child become a confident learner, but we will teach them responsibility, sharing, communication skills, and artistic expression. Your child will also take part in multiple hands-on activities including:

• Math

• Verbal Skills

• Written Communication

• Social Science

• Geography

• Science

• Foreign Language

• Music

• Arts and Crafts

• Physical Education

Academic Programs to ensure your

child's learning

Our staff is trained in PR and first aid to ensure the best possible care for your infant! Call today:


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