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To ensure your child's safety, Lakewood Montessori keeps a file of names, addresses, and phone numbers of people authorized to pick up each child in case of an emergency. This information is included in the enrollment forms that you complete.


It is very important that the Administrative Director of Lakewood Montessori be notified in writing of any changes. Your child will not be released to an individual who does not have proper authorization and identification. A driver's license or other official identification documents will generally suffice for confirmation of identity.


At Lakewood Montessori, it is our policy not to release any child to anyone less than 16 years of age (unless he or she is the child's parent). In the case of divorced parents, it is important the registering parent indicates on the enrollment application who the custodial parent is, and who may pick up the child from school. A notarized custody declaration is required.

Authorized Person for Pick-Ups

Emergency Drills

We hold emergency drills periodically to acquaint children with evacuation procedures. These drills and practices are done so children will know what to do in case of an actual emergency while attending Lakewood Montessori. The school is equipped with a fire alarm system, and fire extinguishers are placed throughout the building to ensure they are readily available in case of emergencies.

Even the healthiest child gets sick occasionally. If your child has a fever or has symptoms of a respiratory, gastrointestinal, or other sickness, please keep them home until the symptoms are gone for at least 24 hours.


We will contact you, or one of your authorized persons, if your child exhibits signs of illness at school. We ask that you pick up your child within one hour from the time we contact you.


Your child will not be released to anyone other than his/her parents, or an authorized person, without written permission. For this reason, it is important to keep the authorization forms updated.


If your child is exposed to a serious communicable disease, or if there is another special situation at school, it is our policy to inform you immediately.



For the safety of your child, we cannot dispense medication without a signed medication authorization form. If your child needs continuous medications, the form must be updated weekly and signed by you.


If your child must receive medicine while at school, a medication form must be completed, and the medicine must be clearly labeled. Prescription medication from a doctor must be in its original container. Over the counter drugs will only be dispensed with a physician's written prescription, and must be labeled with the child's full name (this includes Tylenol, cough syrup, aspirin, etc.).


All instructions must be in written in the form with the parent's signature and date. All medication must be handled by the parent; children should not carry medication into the school.

Injuries and Emergencies

At Lakewood Montessori, we make every effort to assure your child's safety while under our care, though we cannot guarantee that accidents will not occur.


In case of a serious accident or injury, you will be contacted immediately. If you cannot be reached, the Administrative Director will call the person indicated on your child's enrollment form to make medical emergency decisions regarding your child. A signed emergency medical release is necessary to insure prompt medical attention. If you, or another authorized person, cannot be reached, your child will be transported to the nearest hospital and recommendations from the attending physician will be followed.


The Administrative Director, or the designated person in charge, will stay with your child until you arrive. In the case of an accident or injury to your child, you will be provided with an accident report.

At Lakewood Montessori, each price tier is based on the program your child is enrolled in. It will be your responsibility to pay tuition on or before the first of each month.


Please see our Admission and Fees page to learn more about our program costs.

Tuition and Billing

Lakewood Montessori has all the equipment to help your child succeed in academia!

Our staff is trained in first aid to ensure that your child will be safe while they learn!

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Two Week Notice

Two week notice needs to be given before withdrawing from the school.