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Before you child can attend school, all enrollment papers and health records must be completed. This is required to ensure we comply with State regulations, and for the safety of all our students. These records and forms, which are kept in Lakewood Montessori’s files, must be upgraded annually to comply with licensing requirements. Also, these documents are very important as they specify who is authorized to pick your child up from school, and who should be contacted in case of an emergency.


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Know more about your child's FIRST DAY!

It is our priority to work cooperatively with you to ensure a happy and successful experience for your child. Sometimes, children or parents suffer separation anxiety on the first day of school. If this does happen, a calm and prompt exit by the parent is usually helpful. Your child will soon respond to the care of a reassuring staff member and become adjusted to the new and exciting experience.


Please send the following items with your child on the first day of school:

Tote Bags

Your child's tote bag is our direct route of communication. We will check your child's bag every morning for notes from home. Please be sure to check the tote each night for notes from Montessori. We require tote bags for all students.

Lakewood Montessori will host several parties during the school year for our parents and students. We ask parents to contribute $25.00 per child toward the party fund for the entire year.


If you would like to volunteer for a party committee for any upcoming event, please see our signup sheet, or contact our main office.

A late fee will be assessed for each child for every fifteen minute interval (or portion thereof) for any child picked up after our closing time. If your child is not picked up and we are unable to contact you or anyone else listed on your child’s enrollment forms, we are required by law to contact Social Services. They will pick up your child for safekeeping until you can be contacted.


Oftentimes, when parents are late picking up a child, the child will become upset. Please let us know if you will be late so we can reassure the child while we wait for you.

Party Fund

Late Pick-Up Fee

• A change of clothes labeled with your child's first and last name

• A tote bag clearly marked with your child's name

• A small (4×6 maximum) framed photograph of your family. We will use them to decorate your child's new classroom

• A blanket and small pillow (if your child naps while at school). Small stuffed animals are also welcome.

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